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Post pay the Netherlands

How does Post pay work

See first, then pay; just like in a real store. That is what you want when you place an order. With Post pay you pay safely and easily after you have received your product.


The benefits of Post pay


See first, then pay

A comfortable payment term of 14 days, which is in line with the right of return

Invoice by e-mail with IDEAL link

Easy and safe to use

Only pay what you keep. You do not have to pay for return shipments in advance

How does Post pay work?


1. Choose Post pay


When your shopping cart is filled, choose Post pay during checkout. You can recognize Post pay by the black logo with yellow and white letters, as shown above on this website.


2. Enter your details


We need a number of details to process your order. After you have filled it in, we will perform an online check. Make sure you have entered all the details correctly.


3. Confirm your order


By confirming the order, you agree to the terms and conditions of Post pay. You can find this on the website of the web shop.


4. Receive your order


The web shop sends the products you have ordered and you receive them at home.


5. Easy payment


You will receive a digital invoice from Post pay. You can easily pay for this via the green IDEAL button in the invoice. You can also transfer the money yourself to our account number. Make sure you mention the correct account number, as indicated on the invoice, and the correct payment reference. After receipt of the invoice, you have 14 days to pay as standard. Do you want to return the products? Pass it on to the web shop and you don't have to pay the bill.


Do you have a question about paying with Post pay? Take a look at the frequently asked questions page to see if the answer is there.




Conditions for the retrospective use of the customer's payment service


As a consumer you live in the Netherlands and as a Customer of Slimex have 15 Supplements C.V. products and / or services purchased with an invoice and delivery address (no PO box) in the Netherlands;


• You are 18 years or older;


• To limit the financial risks of this payment option, your order will be tested at Focum Commerce B.V. On the basis of this assessment, it is determined whether Slimex 15 Supplements C.V. accepts your post pay request. If this is not the case, you will be asked to pay the order in advance via another payment option;


• You declare that all (additional) data required for the application for your request for subsequent payment have been correctly and completely provided and you give permission to process your data and to test your data online at Focum Commerce, so that we can immediately inform you whether your request has been accepted;


• You are obliged to Slimex 15 Supplements C.V. to notify you of any address and / or e-mail changes. As long as we have not received a change of address from you, you will be deemed to be resident at the last address known to us. Regardless of whether or not an address and / or e-mail change is communicated, you are still obliged to pay the outstanding balance. Address and / or e-mail changes can be made via the website of Slimex 15 Supplements C.V. by email or in writing to the Customer Service of [the Merchant must enter his company name here].


• You declare that you have not applied for a moratorium or are in debt restructuring / brokerage (in accordance with the Natural Persons Debt Rescheduling Act), have not been declared bankrupt or have been placed under guardianship and that no proceedings are underway, which could result in bankruptcy, a suspension of payment or a receivership.


Payment method by Customer


Slimex 15 Supplements C.V. has outsourced the billing and collection of your payment to Focum Commerce B.V. If your request has been accepted, you will receive 15 Supplements C.V. on behalf of Slimex a digital invoice with payment link from Focum Commerce B.V.


This invoice indicates how you (after receipt of the goods and / or services) must pay the invoice. Always pay on time according to the instructions on the invoice. This prevents additional costs that will be charged to you if the payment term is exceeded.

Privacy Statement of Focum Commerce B.V.


By choosing the post pay option, the data and payment experience (s) you have entered will be included with you in the database of Focum Commerce B.V. Focum Commerce B.V. can use this information - whether or not in statistical form - for the administration, management and collection of receivables, creditworthiness assessments, acceptance assessments, prevention and limitation of fraud, limitation of financial risks with Focum Commerce B.V. in a group of affiliated companies as well as clients, relationship management, analyzes for the client, strategic considerations from a management perspective as well as development of services and products or in any other way as stated by the Dutch Data Protection Authority.

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